Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just sharing a new tool -

You post a photo and then can add comments (oral or written) to it. Other people can come and write/record their comments. Useful for putting up a class photo and get people to introduce themselves. Or photos of a class outing, and get people to talk about what happened. You can have a whole series of photos so could create a story line.

Or students could create their own and talk about their country, family etc.

An example that I'm using with my students is at Jan 2008. Browse though, as there are lots of different ways of using it.

Watch out - works on my desk PC and in some classes but not all. Supposedly should be working in labs with new 2007 build - remains to be seen!

One good feature is that you can record yourself in different persona (ie using more than one image to post) if you want. Interesting to think about this!

Would love to hear comments if you get to use it.

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