Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May 2nd CALL CoP meeting

We had a good session (albeit small) today.

What we did
General discussion (and hearing about Howard's Chinese trip)
Quick preview of the CALL symp programme.
Looked at audio recording - first, Howard demoed how he uses QuickTime Pro (Mac based) and then Karen showed Audacity and the mysteries of a lame encoder. Keith also uses Audacity to turn tape recordings into digital mp3s - ask him for details.

Something that came out of our general conversation (and motivated by Keith's desire to have a practical outcome from the CoP) was the idea of having a general repository of grammar worksheets that we could direct our students to when doing error correction in writing. So when you mark students work, or give them online feedback (as David demoed using Word on TD) you can link to a Ppt presentation file on articles for instance, or maybe a nice hot potatoes exercise to revise gerunds or whatever. We agreed that we would go away and think about this and come back and discuss it next time from our individual programme context/needs perspective. So we'd like everyone's input - have a think about how it could work for you.

Next meeting
Unfortunately noone there could make a Friday time so my suggestion is that next time we have two sessions that you can choose from. We'll do apporximately the same thing both times.
a) Wed 6th June 2.30 pm
b) Fri 8th June 2 pm
Hope this might suit those of you who can't make the Wed session.