Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June meeting

Wednesday's group

We talked through the CALL symp highlights for each of us. This group enjoyed the practical stuff - txt wand, audacity etc.

Decided that none of us was that keen on a grammar repository for the following reasons

  • need for gate keeper - enormous amount of work

  • so much stuff out there already eg. websites

  • need for differentiation between levels

  • we tend to give personalised feedback

  • where to put it? Blackboard, H drive, web discussed

Outcome: Agreed in principle with Ailsa's suggestion of 1 hour in Oct to demo CALL stuff. 3 or 4 people contributing rather than one session.

Suggestions were

use of Audacity, Textwand, PDAs, photos to promote writing

Any volunteers for the above? Put your thinking caps on NOW, rather than wait until September when it will be too late!

Reminder that is available to put useful sites etc. Anyone can add sites so feel free to have a go. I've put some of the things that we mentioned under Tools to play with. You might have other suggestions to add.

Friday's group

Smaller (only three of us) but we had a good chat. Some talk on CALL symposium sessions we enjoyed, and we discussed the concept of Second Life.