Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tips of the Day

You may use the below already, but there's bound to be someone who doesn't...

In Groupwise
Caroline: Ctrl R will make an email that you have already opened appear as unread
Mel S: View - sort by Date, From or Subject - helps you find what you're looking for

Mark (by proxy!): b key gives you a black screen (like using No Show) on the remote control pad
Caroline: and w gives you a white screen

The software Mel G. uses is Windows Media Encoder - free download from internet. Have a go!

Mel S: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4849402.stm gives info on latest in technology
Caroline/Karen: http://mm.dfilm.com/live/home.html animated moviemaker online - you need to set up an account and then you can make your own animated cartoons. Easy and results are quite crude but could be fun with students...

For more tips go to the eLL wiki to see the eLL emails from last year with heaps of tips. You can add your own tips there as well.


moira said...

Hi Karen

Thanks for putting all this info from the meeting on the blog - saves us all having to scrabble around for our bits of paper that we write important bits of information on!

I thought I might find out a little more about what I see some teachers doing in the Resource Room, and maybe adding this to the duty day.

I have noticed that it is very useful for one of our teachers of low level English, to use the scanner to help with her textbook -based class. She scans the page(s)she is using in class that day and loads this onto her own desktop - then in class, she can get this up on the datashow, so she can point exactly what is relevant.
It is MUCH easier for students to follow what she is discussing - rather than having a class full of heads bobbing up and down, not quite sure where the "bit" is that the teacher is talking about, and then losing their place again next time they look up or down!

Also, I am thinking that it may be useful to have a list of some internet sites that other teachers use for resources in their teaching right now - with a quick demo of the site, the material they download and how they use it. I think we could have a list of valuable resources v rapidly!!.. and built-in mentors for new users. What do you think?.. and what sites do you currently use?


Karen Haines said...

Maybe this should be something that we do as homework after our next CALL CoP? Anything we do to facilitate better use of e-resources...